Baroque Flute – WONG Nga Ting 黃雅婷 

Wong Nga-ting graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017, majoring in Modern flute performance under the tutelage of Megan Sterling, principal flutist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. In the academic year 2015/16, Nga-ting was admitted to The Flute Studio programme in UK by the celebrated English flutist and educator Trevor Wye, and obtained its diploma of flute performance and pedagogy on her gap year from CUHK.

Trevor Wye is both a performer and collector of historical flutes. He has thus influenced Nga-ting in learning different types of historical flutes. She has also studied with Rachel Brown in Baroque flute and recorder performance during the time in the studio. After returning to Hong Kong, Nga-ting continued to self-study Baroque flute with the generous help and assistance from her modern flute teacher Megan Sterling and the Hong Kong borned Baroque flutist, Mr. Tsang Yat-Ho.

From 10/2018, Nga-ting will further her early music study in Hoschule für Kunste Bremen, Germany under the tutelage of Marten Root, principal Baroque flute of Netherlands Bach Society.

於2017年畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,主修現代長笛演奏,師隨香港管弦樂團長笛首席 Megan Sterling。在 2015-16 學年,雅婷有幸獲得著名英國長笛家及教育家 Trevor Wye 先生取錄就讀其 The Flute Studio之長笛演奏及教學課程,故此休學一年,赴英學習。 Trevor Wye 先生同時是一位古長笛演奏家及收藏家,雅婷亦因此在他的引領下接觸到各種古長笛,並跟隨他和客席導師 Rachel Brown 小姐副修巴羅克長笛及牧童笛。回港後,在主修老師 Megan Sterling 和香港另一位巴羅克長笛演奏家曾逸豪先生的支持給協助下繼續自修巴羅克長笛,並於去年六月加入香港早期音樂協會。雅婷期待未來更多的早期音樂學習機會。

從2018年10月起,雅婷將赴德國不來梅藝術大學攻讀早期音樂學士課程,共跟隨Netherlands Bach Society之首席巴羅克長笛手Marten Root繼續深造巴羅克長笛。