Harpsichord – Stephen HUNG

Stephen Hung is a primarily pianist and has a keen interest in J. S. Bach’s music and Baroque music in general. He studied with Colin Stone and Daniel-Ben Pienaar at London’s Royal Academy of Music and also had lessons on the harpsichord and the organ there. More recently he transcribed a collection of Bach’s organ, choral and violin pieces for the piano. Hung performs regularly both as a soloist and as a member of the chamber music group the TimeCrafters. Some of the recital programmes he played over the years include the Art of Fugue and the complete Two-part and Three-part Inventions.

Aside from performing, Hung is a columnist for the websites Gooclass (www. gooclasshk.com), Music Valley (www.musicvalley.com.hk) and also for the four- monthly magazine Vantage (www.vantagemusic.org/publication.html)